Publication Date: 01/02/2023

Number: 06 / 2023

Reference: 1807/4271-23

Deadline for submission: 12/02/2023

Invitation for expression of interest for a fixed term research contract for the project “iFLEX: INTELLIGENT ASSISTANTS FOR FLEXIBILITY MANAGEMENT” (position code 3320-PR5)

The Research Center of the Athens University of Economics and Business (RC/AUEB) in the frame of the European Union funded research project “iFLEX: INTELLIGENT ASSISTANTS FOR FLEXIBILITY MANAGEMENT”, project code 11332001, and under the supervision of the Scientist Responsible for the project, Professor George D. Stamoulis, invites, in accordance with the decision of the 146th Meeting of the Research and Management Committee of RC/AUEB of the academic year 2022-2023, dated 21/12/2022 (ADA: ΩΖΡΔ469Β4Μ-1ΦΨ), pursuant to the provisions of articles 244 and 245 of Law 4957/20222 "New Horizons in Higher Education Institutions: Enhancing the quality, functionality and connection of H.E.I. with society and other provisions", applications for a fixed term work contract, up to six (6) months, with the possibility of renewing until the end of the project, in accordance with the provisions of articles 244 and 245 of Law 4957/20222, for the implementation of the following project:  “Research work on incentive mechanisms for smart energy grids, on their application in the pilots of project iFLEX, and on the development and the evaluation of related business models, in the context of WorkPackages (WPs): WP2 (User-centric service and system design), WP3 (Artificial Intelligence for forecasting and automated flexibility management), WP4 (Secure, privacy aware and interoperable flexibility interfaces), WP5 (Consumer engagement, incentive mechanisms and economic sustainability), WP7 (Piloting and validation), WP8 (Cooperation), και WP9 (Impact Creation, Exploitation & Dissemination), of the project”

File: INVITATION-2023-06